Mr. Cee & Hip Hop’s Gay Culture. It’s More Real Than We Know!

The recent news about DJ Mr. Cee, most credibly known for his work on the Notorious B.I.G’s album ‘Ready To Die,’ and now for his alleged booty romp with a transvestite prostitute has reopened the discussion of the elusive gay culture in Hip-Hop. This has moved me to want to discuss the gay culture of Hip-Hop. Oh because Hip-Hop definitely does have one and it is about time that we become aware of it. In fact, some of your favorite rappers may be the prime candidate for the LGBT community. Whether they are willing to publicly admit it or not.

Yes people, despite the plethora of rap lyrics that describe the many sexual acts between men and women, not every male rapper lives their life as a heterosexual after the video camera’s are gone and the booty shaking chicks have left the set. Some of them proceed to go on the hunt for a different kind of booty. Shocker!

No Bitcha**ness Guys! These Are The Rules

I may be alone in this. Having been a fan of Hip-Hop for most of my life, I am no longer shocked by any accusations of any male rappers enjoying a romp in the bed with another male from time to time. To be completely honest, this should no longer shock you either. I am also convinced that in the coming years there will be more revealing information linking other prominent male rappers to having on going romantic relationships with men. Up to today there have already been several male rappers who have been rumored to have had some sort of sexual relationship with other men. For instance, Chingy, Puff Daddy, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne, Drake etc…Some of these men may be completely heterosexual men and this could all be rumors meant to slander them. Of course, some of these men could also be gay men who are trapped in the closet for fear of the repercussions of what being a gay male rapper could potentially do to their career.

I have actually thought this through and there are a few verifiable reasons why my reaction to the Mr. Cee news and the news of any major player in Hip-Hop being gay or down low would not be one of surprise rather one of expectancy. Here are the reasons why you should not be shocked as well.

1. Just because you are a man whore does not mean that you enjoy having sex with women.

There is a myth that men who have had sex with a s**t load of women, are male whores who simply cannot control themselves around the power of the “P.” That somehow they are addicted to sex or enjoy the thrill of the chase of different women. I look at some forms of male “whoring” through a set of more complex eyes. I actually think that many men who make a lifestyle out of sleeping with hundreds of women may be doing so to control, dare I say to inhibit the homosexual thoughts and feelings that they have towards other men. Instead of acting out on these thoughts they just go have sex with a random woman. This validates their masculinity in their minds temporarily. After all, how could they ever be gay if they have had sex with more women than the average man does in a lifetime? It is all a part of the image that they want to portray.

This is also how a gay rapper would potentially rationalize their behavior. This is how they calm their homosexual desires and fears of facing the possibility that they could actually be gay. Another sub form of this behavior is by having several children by several different women. This also proves their sexual prowess. For they are king ding-aling because they have spread their seed far and wide. Their sexuality must never be questioned. This is what they tell themselves to quiet the small voice inside of them that is begging to see a 6’4 man in a Beyonce curly wig, and some stiletto heels.

The flip side of this is the other myth that the lifestyle of having women at your beck and call sexually can lead a man to bore of women’s vagina and want to be pleasured by a long strong penis.

2. Hip-Hop’s misogynistic culture.

I have said this once and I will say this again, if you are a man and your every word and thought about the female gender is negative and filled with hate, dislike, insult, injury, etc. then I am going to wonder are you gay? I am not saying that all gay men hate women or anything of that nature. However having such a strong distaste for the opposite sex, leads me to wonder how you feel about your own sex? Do you prefer their company, affection and attention? Do you feel more comfortable in their presence than with a female? Are you in fact directing your anger towards females because they make you feel inadequate due to the fact that you feel you can never please them or be pleased by them?

When I made this statement before the response was that this behavior does not mean that they are gay, rather that they were not raised to respect women and that this is not a reflection of their sexuality. I can understand how one would come to this determination. Rationally that would be the logical answer that one would gravitate to first. However, I am all about thinking outside of the box and digging deeper than surface level reasoning. Sometimes people’s reasoning behind their behavior is not easily explainable but rather buried in layers and layers of complexities. If you rap about hating women, why should I believe without a shadow of a doubt that you can feel that way and still be attracted to them?

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