Relationships: Not Jumping the Broom?

With black romantic comedies like the recently released Jumping the Broom hitting theaters ever so often, you’d think that Black marriages would be on the rise but statistics show it’s the complete opposite. According to a report by the Census Bureau, by the time black Americans reach their early 30s, over half have never been married compared with 31 percent or less of their counterparts of other races. So how do we explain the delay to the altar for Blacks? And who or what’s to blame? We explore some of the possible factors, and hope it’ll help you all find your way to happily ever after (no matter how complicated the road there may be.)

Looking for Mr. or Mrs. Perfect
Some women have extensive lists of qualities (rich, handsome, tall, etc.) they are looking for in a man. Some men are looking for a trophy wife that can also cook, clean and cater to his every need. But are we being realistic in our search for a husband and/or wife? Not at all. If you’re looking for a Mr. or Mrs. Perfect, you’ll likely end up short because he nor she exists.

Higher Learning
Since Black women are getting degrees at higher rates than Black men nowadays, the education gap could easily play a factor. A woman with a master’s degree may want a man that has the same. Also, some women find themselves earning higher figures and may want someone that makes a comparable salary. However if that’s the case, she just limited her pool of men to choose from tremendously.

Cold Feet
Yes, marriage is a big, and ideally permanent, step in life, so you want to ensure you’re making the right decision before you decide to marry someone. However if you’ve been engaged a couple of times, but called things off or if you’ve thought about proposing but could never bring yourself to it, explore what the deeper issue may be. Did your parents get divorced? Did your last relationship end badly? Try not to let your past affect your (happy) future.

What are your thoughts on the state of Black marriage? —— By: Crystal Tate


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