Relationship & Sex: Culture Clash

Have you ever dated someone outside of your race? Or had a relationship with a man or lady of a different religion than yours? When you date someone with a different cultural background than yours, it can either hinder or strengthen your relationship. So when it comes to dating, does a culture clash make or break a couple? We take a deeper look.


Interracial relationships have great potential to thrive as long as both parties are completely comfortable with dating someone outside of their race. If either the male or female has any apprehensions about dating someone that doesn’t have the same color skin, then the relationship may become problematic. Also, if either of the families doesn’t approve of interracial dating, it could possibly break up their union.

Make/Break ratio: 50/50

Socioeconomic status

If you come from a upper-class family, you might be willing to date someone who is considered middle or lower-class. Also, a male or female with a master’s degree might be completely fine with marrying someone with a high school level of education. These relationships are usually most successful if neither person holds his or her background against the other, and if they don’t uphold a certain standard for a person’s level of education. If the person with the higher level of education or income background ever considers himself or herself to be better than the other, it probably won’t work.

Make/break ratio: 40/60


If you grew up Christian and you are a devoted member of your church, it might be difficult for you to date a Muslim. However, we’ve seen it happen successfully. Whether two people of different religions can actually work generally depends on how religious each person actually is, and if one of them would be willing to convert to the other’s religion if they got married (or were completely fine with not converting.)

Make/Break ratio: 30/70


If a Democrat is dating a Republican, they can certainly avoid talking politics when they’re together. However, a couple that differs on politics may find that they don’t see eye-to-eye on important issues like education, healthcare and human rights. This duo would likely have to work extremely hard to stay together.

Make/Break ratio: 20/80

—— By: Crystal Tate


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