A Man’s Thoughts with R&B Singer Jeremih

Chi-Town has given the music industry lyrical heavyweights like R. Kelly, Kanye West, Common, and many more. Now singer-songwriter, Jeremih can be added to the list of artists to rise to fame from the streets of Chicago. This R&B sensation emerged on the scene only two short years ago, but has received rave reviews and recognition from fans and peers alike. With hits like “Birthday Sex,” “I Like” and “Down On Me,” here is what Jeremih is thinking when faced with different relationship situations.

What are a man’s thoughts when he:

Enters a relationship: Oh being all ears – interest. Getting to know them. Sometimes thats the hard part but a lot of people find it interesting to get to know more interesting people. I think it would be all ears and all eyes – very attentive.

Gets married: I can’t answer that because I’m not married but I’ve heard that some people may have regrets about it. I’m sure when a man gets married, he’s already had the time to think about it and if you have actually gotten married I’m sure that’s someone at the time you think you could spend the rest of your life with.

Approaches Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or significant other’s birthday: I look forward to those days personally. I can’t speak for every man but I look forward to those holidays and being able to exchange gifts. I was just brought up that way – just spending time with the person.

Caught cheating: Damn!

Can’t get over an ex but finds himself in a new relationship: I guess it all depends on if you’re still in love with someone else at the time. You still can’t get over it and you’re just with that one for the meantime hoping and thinking there’s still a chance for you and that loved one. If its genuine then just see if it’s meant to be.

Deals with baby mommas: (laughs) Well I don’t have a baby momma but if you’re still with them, then you go through the tough times so you can make it through together. Some can be a burden and some you’ll always be in love with.

—— By: Aleta Watson


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