Loose Lips Sink Ships: 8 Ways To Know Your Friend Can’t Keep a Secret

Have you ever told your girlfriend or boyfriend something in confidence only to find out later that someone else found out? It might simply be due to the fact that your man or lady just can’t keep a secret. Here are eight ways to determine if your secret might not be safe with your main squeeze. (Of course, these may or may not apply to everyone.)

1. He or She Tells His Best Friend Everything
If your lady has a super-close relationship with her best friend or sister and shares almost everything with that person, it might be possible that she will share what you tell as well.

2. He or She Over Shares Information
He updates his status on Twitter every fifteen minutes and on Facebook hourly. If your boyfriend is known for over sharing his personal information, he might spill yours too.

3. He or She Talks on the Phone Constantly
If she has the gift of gab, chances are she loves to find new topics to talk about. If you happen to come in her next conversation, she might happen to share something you’d rather her not.

4. He or She has Told You a Secret
If he has told you a top secret about one of his family members or friends, you might feel privileged. Beware, however. This could be a sign that he would share one of your personal tales with his friend or cousin.

5. He or She Loves to Read Gossip
If her browser’s homepage is set to TMZ.com, and she loves to stay abreast of Kim Kardashian’s every move, there’s a good chance that she likes to gossip as well. You might want to be careful about sharing something you don’t want her to share with anyone else.

6. He or She Strikes Up Conversations with Strangers
If he tends to be extra friendly even to those he doesn’t know, he might keep your secret from his brother. However, he might share it with say, his not-so-close colleague, because he thinks you’ll never find out.

7. He or She is Imprudent or Rebellious
If she doesn’t really care about the consequences of her actions, or tends to have a rebellious spirit, she might not necessarily think about your feelings when she decides to “slip” and tell a secret of yours.

8. His or Her Life is an Open Book
If he tells you absolutely everything about his life, and there isn’t any mystery to it, he likely doesn’t have any skeletons in his closet which is a good thing. However it might not be a bad thing if you want him to keep his lips zipped about a skeleton of yours.

—— By: Crystal Tate


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