5 Reasons MJ’s ‘Human Nature’ Should Bring SWV & Chris Brown Together

What does the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, the “New Jack Swing Queens of the 90’s” SWV and the reigning “King of R&B” Chris Brown have in common? The infectious song “Human Nature” is the link between these great entertainers.

This track has been twisted and turned to create musical masterpieces in multiple decades and we think a collaboration with Chris Brown and SWV would definitely add a unique flavor while bridging musical eras. Here is why…

1. Lyrics: The complexity of love is expressed in both SWV’s “Right Here” and Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You.” SWV’s “Right Here” focuses on reassuring their man that they will have rough times but there is no where they would rather be. Chris Brown’s “She Ain’t You” focuses on having a love that could not be replaced despite moving on. Both SWV and Chris Brown highlight the strength and endurance of love in the lyrics laid over the Michael Jackson’s smooth “Human Nature” beat.

2. Rhythmic Beat: You can’t help but groove to the beat that has been pimped by SWV and Chris Brown. The beat gives off an unexplainable feel good vibe that automatically makes you think of the best of Michael Jackson. There is something in this beat that is therapeutic and R&B lovers seem to never get enough of it.

3. Party Starter: So far, every remake of Michael Jackson’s Human Nature has had the potential to pump stereos from the BBQs to the clubs.

4. Star Connection: The “Human Nature” track has connected the following artists: Michael Jackson, SWV and Chris Brown. By connecting these artists, this track has indirectly connected three R&B/Pop eras which are Michael Jackson’s 80’s, SWV 90’s and Chris Brown’s new millennium. Three decades of fans are able to enjoy the magic of one track with a twist by their favorite artists. It doesn’t get better than that.

5. Michael’s Magic: Michael Jackson was a genius and his music is proof that his gift, which is constantly sampled, still has a power we cannot explain. Maybe one day they will discover that his sound has the healing power to help those with cancer and other terminal diseases. (Yes, his music is that serious)

Now that you have read our top 5 reasons why Chris Brown and SWV connect, how do you feel about a duet with the R&B stars?

The “Human Nature” playlist:

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