Tyrese Was Right: Men Are Expected To Cheat

Last week Tyrese was promoting the release of his new book “How to Get Out of Your Own Way” when he hit a publicity landmine on ‘The Wendy Williams Show.‘ He was caught in crossfire when he said “it’s expected of men to cheat.” Nobody wants to hear it but cheating is a social standard for men. It does not mean it is right to cheat on a lady but people aren’t surprised when a man has something extra on the side. Now-a-days, we are usually shocked when the man does not cheat. Many things have changed in favor of females in this post women’s rights movement era but men’s cheating privileges have remained the same.

A quick look at pop culture will show that Mr. Gibson was on point. Charlie Sheen catapulted to an idol of many guys for all the wrong reasons. Rather than complain about Tyrese’s comments, here are several suggestions to change this cultural standard:

The Player’s Way: Kids are not birthed as players, it is a learned behavior. Don’t teach kids foolishness.

Equal Player Rights: Rather than only viewing men as players, we can give women the same title. Let’s be honest when a woman is with many guys her label is usually “hoe.” Will we be comfortable with calling a woman a player?

Images Mean A Lot: We can act like words and images don’t affect how people act but women are often seen as objects that desensitize men’s actions. The boys from Jersey Shore were made heroes for “smashing” as many women as possible. Their female counterparts just watched and if they did participate they were immediately called whores. We cannot censor all entertainment and art but inappropriate works should not be displayed for youngsters.

Cheating by either sex is never a good thing but as of now, we expect guys to cheat. This is a social norm that will not change overnight.

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