5 Reasons Jill Scott Is The Boss Lady

Jill Scott has come a long way from taking “Long Walks” in the park and I can’t really see anyone getting in “The Way” of what she is feeling. How could we talk about divas without mentioning Miss Jill Scott? She has created a lane that no one can or will fill. There is something organic yet powerful about this woman. It seems to come out in her radiant smile as well as her demanding voice.

It takes a strong woman to be gentle and insightful but still demand the attention of the Wall Street tycoon as well as the corner hustler. That’s what Jill Scott embodies, a power that those special Nubian ladies seem to possess. I am not saying all black women have this “power” and other women don’t. I am just saying Jill Scott represents what is wonderful about the black sister with no apologies. She is simply beautiful!

1. She is an … Extraordinary Performer: Jill Scott has become an expert in her craft. She is well versed in Jazz, R&B, Soul, Neo-Soul and spoken word. This attention to her craft has been shown through her performances. Jill Scott has been able to capture the attention of her fans with her voice, poetry and humor. She understands that mastering every element of her work will help people understand it clearer.

2. She is a … Triple Threat: Jill Scott is a singer/songwriter, actress and poet. Giving the people six albums and blessing them with songs like “Golden” and “Cross My Mind”, are some of the reasons she has become one of the greatest singer/songwriter of our time. Starring in film and television has helped to build a strong and loyal fan following that has gown beyond the Neo-Soul/R&B music realm. Why Did I Get Married?, No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency and Girlfriends all showed Jill’s ability to act. If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing her in concert you might have not been able to hear her spoken word but she shared it years ago on the famous Def Poetry Jam.

3. She is … Relatable: Jill Scott is a daughter, mother, lover, student, and friend. She has been in love, married and divorced. So Jill can relate to the joys and the pains of the women and men she speaks to.

Jill is also not your average skinny singer. She has some meat on her bones and she makes it look so very good. Jill gives you that comforting feeling and it’s almost like you have known her for years.

4. She is …Creator of Timeless Music: Jill Scott has music that stands the test of time because she stays true to herself. Her concepts and lyrics are simple and can be understood by any color, creed or age. It’s life beautifully put into words that dance with her dreamy melodies. We can do nothing but play it over and over in our iPods, in the cars or with that special someone.

5. She is … A Role Model: Jill Scott is a role model to African American women as well as women as a whole. She holds herself with respect, in this day and age it is a valuable attribute. —— By: DOC


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