Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy: Me, His Psychotic Mom & Jimmy

Facing Reality & Television… “It’s surreal. You know that you are a part of a project and you know it’s actually going to happen. The fact that you don’t get to see it before everyone else is crazy. But I’m excited!”

Flashing Lights… “I never try to interfere with his (Jimmy) work. It’s different to be in the limelight now because I try to stay away. That’s what he (Jimmy) does and I let him do his thing. Now that I am slapped front row, it’s going to take some getting used to for the both of us.”

The Capo’s Support… “Well, he (Jimmy) is supportive so far. We haven’t seen things so we don’t know what final edits look like. We are a little nervous but over all he’s happy for me and he’s proud that I did it.”

What I Love about Jimmy… “He’s a charmer and has a huge heart. Everything that goes with that are things that I had to learn how to deal with but I love him. He’s a good guy with a big heart. I know sometimes he comes across as harsh and abrasive but that’s because people take advantage of good people.”

Life Before Jimmy… “Well, I used to do interior designer and I used to sell real estate. Now I’m into designing jewelry and designing shirts. Hopefully, I will bump into my career.”

Complimenting My Man… “I don’t take no shit! He can lean on me because I’m truly his partner. I hold him down. All I know how to do is be real and be fair. I have a strong personality and make sure you respect me.

The Mom Situation… “My only rough spot is his mom. That’s a little rough for me because it’s real. I’m lucky to be with a man that listens to what his mother says but doesn’t change the way he feels about me. I really didn’t have this problem with his mother early on but when she realized I wasn’t going anywhere it became a problem. It started from the last two to three years… I think when I stood up to her. It’s like she had no use for me because I had too much of an opinion. But if you don’t respect me as a woman and the girlfriend second then we have a problem. It’s a hard place for me and a hard place especially for Jimmy. I saw early that she has to run the show so I always dealt with her at arms length. She always had to be the head you know what in charge.”

Divas… “Phylicia Rashad was one when I was growing up. Michelle Obama would definitely be one now. There are also women that really date back to our past like Madam “CJ” Walker. When black women really had to work hard to be respected and black women like her are the architects of the modern day woman.”

To Be or Not To Be a Diva… “A diva is a woman that is strong in what she believes in. She is a woman that is up for challenges no matter what the situation is. A diva can look into the mirror, look at that image and see who she has become. No matter what she has gone through she can still look at that image and smile. She is somebody that can get up no matter what, brush the dust off and keep it moving and be beautiful doing it.”

—— By: DOC


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