Relationship & Sex: I Need a Husband Not a Baby Daddy

Broke ass, dead beat, good for nothing…the list goes on and on for words we hear before baby daddy. Baby daddy is the name of the man that is neither your husband nor boy friend but is the father to your child. Contrary to having a baby daddy, there are women that plan to have a child with someone they love and are in a relationship with. A good, loving, and supportive husband is what you want around your children. The advantages to having a husband in your life and your child’s outweigh dealing with the stress that is attached to having a baby daddy in and out of your life.

Security & Stability. Every woman yearns for a man that can provide for her and her children. A baby daddy is definitely not that man. If he couldn’t commit to a relationship with you or never even saw you as the woman of his dreams, don’t think it will change if you have a child together. Big Mistake! You want a man that will give you that sense of stability and security that he will be there the next day after school to help them with their homework or someone you can go to Disney with and take a picture perfect portrait that the child will cherish. If you think a baby daddy will do that, good luck with that dream!

Money. If he went half on the baby why not go half on raising the baby, right? A husband would willingly give all that he can to make sure the child has a roof over their head, food at the dinner table, and clothes on their back. Unlike a baby daddy, you’d be lucky if you get $20 a month. We all know the cost of diapers and milk is not cheap. That’s something you won’t need to worry about if you have a child with husband.

Role Model. Whether your daughter becomes daddy’s little princess or your son becomes daddy’s lil’ man, you will not have to worry about your child missing out on having a positive male figure in their lives. It is important for children to learn by example of what a man is supposed to do and be, how a man and woman should treat each other. Instead of watching mommy constantly disrespect daddy for not being around.

Less Drama! I’m sure we all have one friend or relative that constantly complains on how they go through so much baby daddy drama. He doesn’t want to pay up his monthly child support, is often late to picking them up on weekends or doesn’t even call to find out how their day at school went. Life with a husband does not guarantee the happily ever after ending we read in fairy tales as a kid but be certain a husband would not bring into your life the headaches and tears a baby daddy who didn’t plan on being a father and never had the guts to step up his game to be that great father a child

By Your Side. A husband will be there holding your hand the day you get your first ultrasound, hear the baby’s heartbeat, help you get the nursery ready, be in the delivery room as you’re screaming and pushing to get the baby out. Most importantly be in the child’s most treasured moments, such as their first day of school and high school graduation, and the other important moments in between. On the other hand the baby daddy will most likely be out with his boys playing poker and partying, putting a priority over his young adulthood life than parenthood.

—— By: Karina Martinez


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