5 Reasons Gina & Pam Should Have Been an R&B Group in the 90’s

The 90’s produced some of the biggest and brightest R&B female groups of all time, including SWV, Brownstone, TLC and En Vogue. It was an exciting time where videos were chalk full of A-list models and entertainers. It was R&B’s “golden era.”

The 90’s was also the golden era for sitcoms aimed at the urban market. Who would have thought years later we would have been overwhelmed by scripted “reality shows.” We were spoiled with some great sitcoms such as “Family Matters,” “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” and “Martin.”

“Family Matters” and “Fresh Prince” were great shows but “The Martin Show” had people falling over their seats laughing at characters such as Shanana and Dragon Fly Jones. But it was also Martin Lawrence’s supporting cast that made the show flow so well. Gina (Tisha Campbell) and Pam (Tichina Arnold) were great actresses and gave “The Martin Show” so much spice. But imagine if these two queens of the 90’s sitcom started an R&B group back then. I could be crazy but I think Pam and Gina could have been the Salt-n-Pepa of R&B. They could have been a pretty good group and here are a few reasons why:

1. Chemistry: You need to have a certain amount of chemistry to survive as a group in this music industry. So many groups have broken up, robbing the people of great music. SWV and En Vogue have broken up and seem to have realized that they are stronger together as a unit. Gina and Pam are still friends and have a chemistry we loved on screen.

2. Look: Gina and Pam would shatter the complexion barrier. If you like light skin you have Gina and if you like a little more chocolate in your diet you have Pam. It’s the best of both worlds. Both of those women during the Martin show were very curvaceous. You can never have enough women representing the full figure.

3. Singing Ability: Gina and Pam could both sing. In 1993, Tisha Campbell (Gina) released her debut album, ‘Tisha.’ This album received moderate success, selling 40,000 copies. Two singles, “Push” and “Love Me Down,” received minor airplay on R&B stations. Campbell also contributed vocals for the soundtrack to her 1997 film Sprung, singing on the remake of “Don’t Ask My Neighbor” with good friend, fellow actress and former co-star Tichina Arnold.

4. Platform: Having a great platform to showcase your talent is essential to creating an act that people can see and appreciate. Shows like “Martin” and “New York Undercover” used their platform to showcase up and coming new talent ranging from Biggie Smalls to Jodeci.

5. Timing: The Martin show aired in the midst of the New Jack Swing Era. This time has been called the golden era of R&B music.

(This article is to bring us back to the days of 90’s music and television. Remember when …)
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