Woman’s Month: Business Profile Shayna D -Lounge with a Diva

In celebrating Woman’s Month, we will be highlighting ladies that are making an impact by uplifting others. Media executive Shayna D has contributed to the creation of media as a writer, radio personality and business executive. Her initial passion for media business started while attending Baruch College where she became the Music Director of WBMB radio station. After gaining experience with media companies including Sirius XM and The Source, Shayna launched the The Diva Lounge Company. As the co-founder of The Diva Lounge, Shayna has organized a monthly event series aimed at creating an “enriching, empowering and entertaining experience for the women of today.” In addition, she is the co-host of the “The Diva Lounge” radio show on Alist Radio with New York Emmy Nominated Kela Walker.

Making a difference amongst women resonates with Shayna. “I’d love to travel the world bringing women together to foster new business relationships. There’s a tremendous amount of potential for women to succeed when they have the support and resources of each other.” Through “The Diva Lounge” she has engineered a platform where like-minded women can connect by sharing stories & experiences, wisdom, and create an opportunity for dialogue. In these tough economic times we are experiencing today organizations like The Diva Lounge are incubators for future chiefs and principals.

Shayna D has been able to extend her mission to motivate. “I’m constantly evolving. I’m truly fascinated and inspired by the arts; music, dance, photography… so there’s always something new on the scene especially in New York City. New York City keeps my ideas fresh. What keeps “The Diva Lounge” fresh is that we’re constantly seeking new brands to partner with, new resources, and new collaborations, so we have to keep it “fresh” otherwise we’ll be just like all the other events out there.” Shayna D is a part of a ever growing movement how are changing the landscape of media for females forever.
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