Fab 5: Lalah Hathaway’s Lifestyle

As Lalah Hathaway preps for an upcoming performance at Jazz In the Gardens we sat down with her for a short conversation about her style family memories, gadgets and things she can’t live without.

I Always Have… “iPhone and at least six or seven lip glosses. That’s really it!”

Gadgets I Cannot Live Without… “I’m a gadget person. I stay strapped with Xbox, Wii, PS3, crazy coffee makers, computers in every room, things that count your calories, the body bug, I got all kind of chargers for everything. Oh the Ipad would be the 3rd.”

Without the Gadget What Would You Do… “I would probably just read a book.”

First Kiss Memories… “Oh God! (lol) I don’t even remember, I think I was fourteen and I don’t specifically remember how it was. I don’t have a vivid memory. It probably wasn’t great.”

Favorite Memory of Your Family Growing Up… “I don’t really have a memory of my life as kid. A lot of my memories, particularly concerning my dad have more to do with his fans, particularly my fans that have grown up that I meet people all over the world that regard him so highly and respect him and miss him. A lot of my memories are meeting people that have stories to tell about him.”

—— By: Karina Martinez


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