Teedra Moses: Valentine’s Day Just Passed…

I would love to start this blog by saying “My, my, my… love sure is in the air.” I would love to genuinely stand firmly on that statement BUT, in my travels around the good ole U.S. of A. I find far more individualism than partnership. So I wonder “Has it always been this way and I just didn’t notice maybe, because I was just a child?” I’m not quite sure, but as you can probably already tell this subject matter occupy my thoughts often. So I’ll share with you some of my non-expert OPINIONS on how or why LOVE is in its current state. (Please don’t take this super personal. Everyone has opinions… these are mine.)

1) Women are the nurturer, the caretakers, the LOVERS. We as females are the naturally more emotional creatures. In a general sense, this is fact. Women used to rely on men to be the stronger, more logical gender. Well…. Things done changed hunny… a lot! HA!! Women run fortune 500 companies, head households. I mean REALLY, Hilary Clinton ran for the democratic presidential candidacy. Needless to say, the super emotional women of the pass might not survive in our current society. Women have to be tough… protectors and providers, yet somewhere along the way we let go of our duty to be the cultivators of LOVE. The female’s balancing act of being the beauty and the beast (I believe) has taken a toll on LOVE in modern society.

2) We don’t have enough real LOVE SONGS!!! One of the reasons Miguel’s “All I Want is YOU” was one of my favorite songs of 2010 was because it was refreshing to hear a man vulnerable to LOVE and being in LOVE. A lot of R&B songs neglect the truly vulnerable aspect of love. We all need it. We all want it. BUT we’re way too kool to be honest and show vulnerability in LOVE in the music. Art depicts life… Life depicts art. We need more modern day LOVE songs… in the mainstream!! (on the radio… which I feel is a lost cause.. but that’s a whole other blog) Songs we reminisce on a 1st love to. Songs we ponder a crush to. Songs we make LOVE to… not smash… make LOVE (there’s a difference) …songs we get married to. Smile

3) We are living in a really selfish era. EVERYONE has janky ulterior motives. What about LOVE???? It’s crazy out here LOL!! Sixteen year old girls want a guy pushing a benz… where in the hell is he suppose to get money for a benz from??? Sixteen year old boys want a girl that looks like a video vixen (who often times don’t look that way when she gets to set). Men want women that can help them get further in their grind. Women want men they can gain from ($$$/fame). LOVE is getting lost in translation…. Smh!! We will all grow old one day… if we don’t die first Ha! (I know that’s not funny; it’s morbid) … who will you want by your side then.

We as human beings have become suuuuper jaded. Unwilling to trust out of fear; unwilling to LOVE out of fear. We are too strong to show vulnerabilities and too selfish to see true value in others. Cut that shit out!!! Get it together!!! Open your heart and let love go out into the world. Leave it open so that you can receive it back. You have to risk in order to gain. SCARED MONEY DON’T MAKE NONE!!


—— By: Teedra Moses


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