10 Ways To Know She’s Not Really Into You

Have you recently met a girl who you’re really digging, but you’re not sure whether the feeling is mutual? Here are 10 ways to read between the games or lines.

1. She Constantly Makes Excuses – You’ve asked her out at least three times, but she always has previous obligations. If you’ve been persistent and you still haven’t seen her, she might not be interested.

2. She Rarely Answers The Phone – Sure, she’s responded to your text messages but you can’t recall the last time (or ever) actually having a phone conversation with her. If a girl is into you, she’ll want to actually hear your voice.

3. She Never Calls or Texts You – If you start to realize that your communication is one-sided, unfortunately it’s probably because she’s not feeling you.

4. You Only Have One Way to Get in Contact with Her – Initially, you may only get a girl’s phone number, but she’ll eventually give you another form of contact information, like her email address or work number. If it’s been a while, and you still only have her cell digits, she probably either doesn’t trust you or doesn’t like you.

5. You’ve Never Kissed Her – If you’ve been out more than two times, and she still hasn’t kissed you, that might be a red flag.

6. She Talks About Her Exes with You – If a girl really likes you, you’ll probably barely hear a peep about her former boyfriends. If she decides to put you in the “friend zone,” then you probably will.

7. She Always Offers to Pay Her Half of the Bill – When a girl is really into a guy, she wants to be courted by him. If she isn’t, she might offer to pay her portion of the bill so he doesn’t feel like she owes him anything.

8. You’ve Never Been to Her Place – If you’ve known her for longer than a month, and you still haven’t been to her place (to even pick her up), then she might not be into you or she could be hiding something, which is even worse.

9. She’s Expressed Interest in One of Your Friends – If a lady you’re dating verbally expresses that she thinks one of your friends is attractive, and starts asking about him, then run the other way…unless you want to play matchmaker.

10. She Tells You She’s Not Looking for Anything Serious – She may honestly not be looking for anything serious, but if she’s into you and you’re persistent, she might budge and change her mind. If she’s rigid as ever, then she’s probably just not that into you.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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