Double Standards In Music Affect Keri Hilson and Raheem Devaughn

Alright guys, I have to play devils advocate here. What the hell is the difference between Raheem Devaughn’s video for “Single” versus Keri Hilson’s video for “The Way You Love Me?” Not a damn thing! Both singles are sexually driven with explicit videos. Both artists are talented songwriters who have written hit singles for other artists but have resorted to using sex to sell their own albums. So why are we giving Keri Hilson such a hard time as opposed to letting Raheem slide? There has not been nearly as much criticism towards Raheem as it was towards Keri when the video first “leaked”. Could it be because he is a male and we expect that type of behavior from a man? I tend to believe that there is a double standard at play. We all labeled Keri a “good girl” and we chastised her for being overtly sexual in her music, me included. While Raheem’s video has not gotten nearly as much controversy and it is even more sexual. I mean they are switching positions and he is performing oral sex on the chick. It don’t get much freakier than that during a 3 minute video.

The question we should all be asking is whether or not these double standards in entertainment should exist? Lets go back to BET who refused to air Ciara’s video for “Ride” due to its sexual nature. Sure it was sexual but not more so sexual than all of the other titties and a** that you can find on BET during a sunny afternoon on the show 106th and Park with an audience filled with teenagers. In the same token, BET has no problem playing Trey Songz whose content usually is more sexual than not. In fact, that has been what has launched his career. I interviewed Trey Songz back when he was promoting the album Just Gotta Make It. The demand for him was not on and poppin the way it is now. He turned on the sex and got his mini R. Kelly on and suddenly he is a musical genius.

Men are allowed to explore their sexuality freely without judgment. This is not just in music but in life in general. Women, on the other hand are forbidden from crossing those same lines in society…Continue Reading is Singersroom’s Lifestyle Editorial Partner. —— By: – LJ Knight


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