Should We Blame Chelsea Handler For The Race Jokes Or Ourselves?

I like Chelsea Handler. I think she is a quirky, funny looking chick whose sarcastic view of society is usually one that the average person can connect with. Which is a valued trait for any comedienne. However, recently she has been coming under heat for her sarcasm and this has some wondering whether she is just telling jokes or spewing hate.

One of the recent incidents was at the 2010 MTV awards. The show started out with her walking down the hall and being “sexually harassed” by a bunch of black men (mainly rappers) who all wished her well about hosting the show, before smacking her butt. What followed some considered to be in homage to the wise tale about the little white plantation owner’s daughter who liked the big corn fed slave; as Rick Ross whisked off her stage while she straddled him. Not to mention her off-colored race and rapper jokes; which became a theme for the night.

Tis The Season For A Racist Snowman

This is not new behavior for Chelsea as she is notorious for using race as a primary strategy in her comedy. She is usually allowed to comment anyway she likes on Blacks in entertainment because the Black community has accepted her. She is known as the “cool ass White girl.” So this made it cool when she had rappers slapping her on the ass on her show but it suddenly becomes a problem for some when her jokes become too hurtful or dig too deep into one of the issues in the Black community. Similar to the white boy that is cool and you love hanging with him because he listens to rap and can relate to black culture but crosses the line when he calls you “his ni**a.”

The Gay Effect On Heterosexual Men

Here is the conundrum. When we give people liberties to be racially insensitive for the purpose of humor should we expect them to follow our guidelines? Is it necessary for us to also give them limitations? Race and religion are two of the most sensitive issues that people can discuss because they are both characteristics of people. These are traits that people use to define themselves. Some people base their entire live around them. So when you talk shit about a demographic of people, members of that group feel that you are talking to them directly. Things tend to become tricky fast as tempers and sensitivity rises….Continue Read More

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