Top 5 Renditions: Cee Lo’s of F#*k You

Music like other forms of art inspires amateurs to create art which – can be good or bad? We collected the Top 5 renditions of Cee-Lo’s “F**k You.” It is a mix of good and bad, but some are so bad that it is good.

CJ Baran
Arranged, recorded, and produced by the one and only CJ Baran. This is the most elaborate video spoof. Watch out Justin Bieber, here comes CJ with his cool hairdo!

DeStorm featuring The Gregory Brothers
This spoof renamed the song to “Blocked You”. The 70s costumes were groovy and DeStorm’s voice very much sounded like Cee Lo’s soulful voice. It was comical and entertaining.

Women’s Perspective (Pop and lock it girl)
This is in response from a woman’s perspective. She had the funniest lines and dances. Her voice is bearable and the video overall enjoyable.

Madam Butterfly
Madam Butterfly, 3 women group or friends, singing extremely well the woman’s version to “F**k You”. The main singer looks like scary spice and angry. This song is for all the cheating men out there, including Tiger Woods.

Jordan Taylor (Accapella and beatbox version)
The singing is terrible, but he gets credit for beat boxing and being funny. He is the one man band. Worth your time, if you are into beat-boxing.

—— By: Karina Martinez


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