She’s a Bad Ass B*tch

Thank you! Yes, being called a “B**ch” can be a compliment to some women. Now it all depends on who uses the word and in what context. If used during an argument, it will be without a doubt disrespectful. On the other hand if used among your peers casually, it is often referred to as a powerful and well liked female.

The B**ch you do not want to be call is when they mean you are an aggressive, belligerent, and intrusive female. It is denigrating and vulgar. It is obvious from the tone and the situation when used that it is not a title you want to own.

The B**ch you want to be called is when it means a strong, assertive, and well respected female. It is common for men to use this term to describe a female, for example “I met a bad ass bitch the other day.” Or even used among women, to mean friend or buddy.

In Jaheim’s song “Me & My B**ch”, he talks about his lady for being a ride or die chick. “You’re a dream, you’re my ghetto queen. If I ain’t got nobody else I know I got you on my team.” If your man said “You are my down ass b**ch” or “You are one fine b**ch”, how would you react?

B**ch is a delicate word, it can be offensive one minute and endearing the next. If you respect and love women, find the word that suits each one. Some may prefer diva, sexy or dime, while others wouldn’t mind the use of B**ch. There is a time and place for everything; you just have to know when and where to say it.
—— By: Karina Martinez


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