June Ambrose: Style Tastemaker

Sort of the fashion godmother of hip-hop, June Ambrose has styled everyone from the likes Mary J. Blige, Diddy, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey. Back when the music industry wasn’t really fused with fashion, Ambrose gave it the creative attention it needed. The now go to stylist guru got her start in 1994 as an intern at MCA Records, which is now Geffen Records. Any opportunity she saw, she took. Before you knew it, she was putting diamonds and shiny suits on rappers, when it was totally unexpected. Originally from Antigua, Ambrose didn’t have your typical New York City fashion education from FIT and some other fancy smancy fashion school. Instead, she engulfed herself in costume design books.

In 2006, she added “author” to her repertoire when she released her book Effortless Style, which reveals how you too can have star power. But the fashion guru has really garnered her own star power through social media outlets like Twitter and her hilarious video on YouTube. With over 130,000 followers on Twitter, she gives her followers style tips and twit pics on trends and quality products. Through her YouTube channel, she gives viewers a sneak peek into her fabulous world of styling high end clients and her infamous “stiletto workout.” As she continues to influence both music and style, one thing is very clear: it’s impossible to not bring up her name when talking about both.

—— By: Mattie James


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