Top 10: I’m F##king You Tonight Rap Songs

Yes we love to make love to R&B music, but why not have sex to a rap song for a change? There is a song for each taste and desire. Everyone gets turned on by something different. Some people like dirty talk and spanking in the privacy of four walls, while others prefer fast and easy quickies wherever the urge rises. There is someone for everyone out there, and also the song to go with the situation.

Ja Rule – Xstacy
Rough, full of sweat and flying high. If sex alone is pleasurable, imagine “getting lifted” and having sex at the same time. Ready to ride?

Ludacris – Splash Waterfalls
Whatever you need, as long as it’s right. Sensual, nice and slow or if you prefer ropes, cuffs and speed, that works too.

Notorious B.I.G – I’m F##king You Tonight
No wining and dining, strictly back breaking. Some women are turned on by rough, hood men that call them a b!#&% and are straight up disrespectful. It can be a turn on for some. Whatever floats your boat boo. lol

Twista – Wetter
Wet and juicy, guaranteed to make it rain. Playful, fun, and pleasurable for both, this song is just what you’ll need.

Yung Joc – First Time
Nothing like the first time, take time to discover what blows each others mind. If you succeed the first time, you get a second chance.

Dead Prez – Mind Sex
Not only is physical stimulation a must, having a mental connection is a plus. If you are into tantric sex, the mind, body and spirit have all have to be connected.

Tupac – How Do You Want It
If you are erotic and freaky, this is how you’d want it. Getting your hair pulled, biting, and trying out different kama sutra positions, everything imaginable is possible.

LL Cool J – Doin It
Loud, wild, and breaking head boards. You’ll keep doin it, doin it and doin it well like the energizer bunny. (Or LL Cool J)

Lil Kim featuring T-Pain – Computer Love
Thank goodness for the internet for making cyber sex possible. With the touch of a button you can turn each other on, plus the use of your own hands to touch the right spots.

Common – I Want You
When you are alone and need company, there is always one person you want. You may not love them, but desire them for the night with a passion. You may have had a past and now it’s over mentally and emotionally but not over physically.

—— By: Karina Martinez


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