When Your Girl is Mad there are five different levels of how mad your girl can act to show you how upset she is. In some scenarios you will be able to brush them off and ignore, while others you will have to get on your knees for forgiveness. In the worse case scenario she will have you dodging flying dishes or running, running very fast away from her.

Level 1
Most common signs women show when they are upset are giving you the silent treatment, huffing and puffing, and rolling their eyes at you. Nowadays your calls, texts and emails may even go unanswered for days. This behavior can last from one day up to a week until she gets over it. You most likely made a comment that offended her without you even knowing or didn’t say something she expected you to say. Give her time and let her tell you what is wrong, if too many days go by call or pay her a visit. A simple sorry, hug and kiss will solve this.

Level 2
The complete opposite of Level 1 mad, she will whine, nag, become confrontational, give you attitude, and even yell at you for something you did or didn’t do. Forgetting anniversary dates, canceling plans last minute, spending too much time with your boys or being less romantic. Women require a lot of attention and time, if you don’t give it to them, you’ll hear it for days. Commit and dedicate certain days of the week just for the two of you and don’t forget to add an anniversary reminder on your calendar to avoid this. A gift, a meaningful apology and making love to her will get you back in the no-nagging zone.

Level 3
What do men love to do the most? Eat and have sex. So this is one of the most common ways to show your man you are upset at him. Depriving them of what they need and will miss the most, your good cooking and loving. Women will do this if they feel unappreciated, disrespected or neglected. Why? Simple because it works. This really lets the men know something is wrong and they have to work their way back to getting their most basic needs. Note some women do this intentionally as a tactic to get what they want or unintentionally because they are just turned off by your recent unpleasant behavior. Ask her what you did wrong, apologize, take her out to a fancy restaurant, and have some make up sex.

Level 4
Throwing dishes at you or your belongings out the window. This is what usually happens after they hear you were with another woman through word of mouth, smelled an unfamiliar perfume, or found a phone number in your jeans. At this point you might get kicked out if you live together. This behavior is manageable, it will take some explaining to calm her down and bring her back into your arms. You must make her believe it was a once in a lifetime mistake and will never ever happen again. Also apologies, flowers, and a nice piece of jewelry will help get things back to normal.

Level 5
Busting your windows, keying your car or burning your house down. If you got her to this point, there is no turning back or room for an apology. To drive a woman this mad you were most likely caught cheating more than once or made her look like a fool by lying to her about cheating and she found evidence to prove you wrong. A man will only magnify her anger by saying “It wasn’t me”, “I wasn’t there”, or “What are you talking about?”, do not say any of this if you want to live. When a woman is this mad, she’s gone postal, capable of anything at this point. We get strength we never thought we had and do things we never thought we would. We advise you to never get your woman this mad, there is no telling what she will do.

Simple rules to follow men not to get your woman mad, give her lots of attention, love, respect and don’t cheat, if you do don’t ever get caught. Note that chances of not getting caught are slim to none.

Video: Jazmine Sullivan “Bust Your Windows

—— By: Karina Martinez


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