Please Don’t Write Another Song About…

When a new song hits the airwaves, you almost instantly fall in love- or not. And if it just so happens to be another song about a topic you’re sick of hearing about, your chances of loving it are pretty slim. Here are our top five played-out picks:

Everyone from Soulja Boy to T.I. has a song about turning on their swag, swag surfing or even pledging allegiance to the swag. Frankly, we got it when we first heard “Swagger Like Us” two years ago, and we don’t need gentle reminders every few months.

Most celebrities live the champagne life, so it’s no surprise to any of us that you’re popping bottles in the club. From Jay Z’s earlier days of drinking Cristal to Diddy’s more recent endorsements of Ciroc, the only thing we may have gotten from these songs is a new favorite choice in our liquor cabinets.

Fabolous told us to “Throw it in the Bag,” Baby showed us he had “Money to Blow,” and Rick Ross convinced us he was “Blowing Money Fast.” And they’re just three out of numerous others. Since we already know that artists have plenty of dollars to spend on cars, clothes and more, we don’t need to necessarily hear about it in every other song.

There’s always the token love song that disses the singer’s lover, but the singer is still in love with the so-called, no-good guy or girl. Case in point: Melanie Fiona’s “It Kills Me.” She claims she knows her man is messing around but she doesn’t want to be alone. Although this song may imitate real life for many, we’d prefer to hear a more empowering “I-deserve-better” song.

We heard it over and over again that you’re the greatest ever, and sometimes we believe you. However, we’d prefer for you to not say anything, and let your musical talent speak for itself.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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