Trina Talks Music, Fashion And Fake People

Although the Miami bad chick kept mum about her ex-boyfriend, Kenyon Martin, she did put a few rumors to bed and shared the biggest lesson the music industry has taught her.

Singersroom: Many blogs have mentioned how great you’ve been looking nowadays? What’s the secret to your flawless makeup and hair, and fabulous style? Do you have a personal stylist?

Trina: Thank you. I am just evolving into more of a woman, and I love it. Lately, I have been wearing my natural hair, so that’s a change for me. I love getting facials and taking care of my skin because that’s really important especially since I’m always performing and wearing makeup. I do have a stylist, but I love to try new and different things that work for me!

Singersroom: You recently dropped your fifth album, Amazin’. How do you think you’ve stayed on top for so long? Also what can we expect from you next? Is there anything you want to do you haven’t done?

Trina: Yes, and I love this album. It shows a lot of growth that has came for me personally and professionally. I just continue to be creative and make songs that people can relate to. I always try to let my fans see what place I’m in at that moment. Next for me is a brand new beginning! There are so many things that I am looking forward to accomplishing in the future. I’m excited!

Singersroom: What’s the craziest rumor you’ve heard about yourself that wasn’t true?

Trina: That I’ve dated a few people that I actually never even met! It’s hilarious!

Singersroom: Are there any rumors you’ve recently heard about yourself that you want to address?

Trina: Yes! I don’t bleach my skin! For goodness sake, I am a fair skinned woman, and I honestly like to look darker than I am. I love to tan and wear bronzer. I think it makes my skin look better. Plus if I don’t, then I can see my veins through my skin!

Singersroom: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being in the music industry? What about any lessons you’ve learned from relationships?

Trina: The biggest lesson I learned being in this game is that people are faker than a $3 dollar bill. You can’t trust everybody, and you can not believe most of what you hear. Keep good people around you because you’re going to need them! Work as hard as you can and be happy for yourself first before anything else. As for relationships, always love 100 percent that way you have no regrets.

Singersroom: Besides yourself, who do you think is the best hip hop artist right now and why? What about R&B?

I think Drake is the hottest artist right now. He’s huge! He makes great music, and I think he’s dope as hell. As far as R&B, I would say Monica. Her album is amazing, and she has really grown into a beautiful woman. I love her!

Singersroom: Tell us a bit about your new online shopping store you launched earlier this year.

Trina: Well it’s not quite finished, but the Amazing cosmetics line really was something fun and fresh to do for the ladies that love to get dolled up.

Singersoom: Is there anything else you want your fans to know about you, or any records you want to set straight?

Trina: Yes, I love you guys with all my heart. Thank you for all your love and support over the years! God Bless.
—— By: Interview By Crystal Tate


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