The-Dream Talks Honesty, Kanye, Moments and Projects

With the help of Moet, multi platinum Def Jam recording artist and producer, The-Dream shared his new album at The Rose Lounge in Atlanta this past weekend. Stars like Daron Jones of 112, Grammy award winning songwriter Brian Michael Cox and Gucci Mane came by the exclusive event. While enjoying the rooftop view, The-Dream dished on honesty, his role as a producer and what to expect from ‘Love King’ which drops June 29th 2010.

What can we expect from Love King that we didn’t get the first two albums?

More depth and more honesty. I’m gonna piss the people I’ve been involved with off because I’m about to tell certain specifics about [our] relationships. So, this is definitely a more honest album.

You say you’re going to be more honest, do you believe that an artist’s honesty should be limited or edited when it comes to their music?

I think the best artists are the ones that are unlimited. You know, we pick Kanye apart on the crazy things that he does and says because we can’t get into his mind and see how he thinks a certain way. And sometimes when we’re behind the scenes, even if it’s not the right thing to do, we need to say if the Grammys looked me over. Sometimes you have to get our viewpoint at what we’re looking at or what we did for somebody. Like what’s the basis of somebody getting there? Once we compare it and it doesn’t end up the same, it’s like, they put in 20% of the work and I put in 100% and [the Grammys] don’t even look at me. Then that’s where the outburst comes from and that’s where the true artist honesty starts to come out. And that’s who I compare myself to creatively and I’m on my creative shit right now. I’m giving it to you full and uncut.

You’ve worked with so many people and different artists, what would you say has been the biggest moment in music to shape you as an artist?

Man, I think one of my biggest moments still is when Michael Jackson performed at the 1995 Video Music Awards and did a 30 minute set. I was in the 10th grade and I was like wow. The guy from the 80’s from Thriller came back and did a real show and it was like, “Damn, that’s Mike.”

I know you’ve been working with Bryan J and Electrik Red. So as a manager are you going to be in the background or more like Diddy where you’ll be featured on songs and videos?

Definitely, if you don’t want your producer in your video or your producer all on your record definitely don’t come to me because I’m doing all of that. (Laughs) That’s just a joke.

So what else are you working on and who else are you working with for the rest of the year?

I’m working on a reality show, I’m working with this girl name Kasha who’s here today. We’ll probably get her album done within the week. Ciara’s already started on her project. You know, Rihanna, Beyonce, the same beautiful people every year. It’s a cycle. We’ve gotta get that money.
—— By: Interview By Mattie James


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