Are You Living Dangerously?

Do you stay up late on the computer, party hard, or are you a social smoker or a binge drinker and put off exercising for next year every year? Do you spend more than you can afford on shoes, clothes, or vacations? Do you have unprotected sex; rely on alternatives such as Plan B, as a solution to a “slip up”? If so, honey you have some learning to do. Not only do you run the risk of having health-related problems, aging quicker, you will also get into financial trouble.

The way you live now will determine how you will look and feel 20 years from now. Your body may not show signs now or you may say “I feel perfectly fine”, only overtime will you begin to feel and see what you have done. Don’t wait until it is too late, all you have to do is follow the 10 commandments to a better you.

10 Commandments for a better living:

– Exercise, even if it’s just a 30 minute walk in the park.
– Get your beauty rest.
– Eat less sweets and high fatty foods; more whole grains and veggies.
– Drink less alcohol, more water.
– Wrap it up and use birth control to avoid any surprises.
– Take time out for you by meditating, reading, or listening to music.
– Remove your makeup every night, getting a facial once a month is recommended.
– Put on an SPF Moisturizer every morning before you step out.
– Shop less, save more.
– Challenge your mind and memory with puzzles and by reading.

It’s about committing to YOU, having self control and setting limits. Realize you are worth looking and feeling excellent. As a result you will notice less grey hairs, less wrinkles, and less cellulite, and more money in the bank. Isn’t that what everyone want, happiness, good health, and financial stability. You, your body & mind will be grateful for all your efforts.
—— By: Karina Martinez


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