Life, Lyric and Sound – Trey Songz and Bobby V

Trey Songz has quickly become one of the hottest male R&B singers to hit the music scene. With his sexy looks, seductive lyrics and sultry voice, he has found his way into the hearts of all young women across the country. Some call him the R. Kelly of this generation, with “songs for the sheets” and live performances that have the ladies in attendance in heat. Trey released the mixtape, “Anticipation”, as a precursor to his newly released LP, ‘Ready’. On the ‘Anticipation’ mixtape you will find bedroom songs like “Scratchin My Back,” “On Top” and “Yo Side of the Bed”…songs that surely sets the mood and tone for a night of passion. Trey is not afraid to let his woman know how he likes it in the bedroom on his mixtape. However, on Trey’s newly released LP ‘Ready’ he shows the world that he is not just about making bedroom songs as he talks about staying true to your lover on “One Love” and how he talks about a messed up relationship on “Black Roses.” Trey Songz has truly mastered the art of love, romance and relationships in song.

Bobby V isn’t new to the music scene. Bobby first caught our attention as the lead singer in the group Mista. At a young age he was singing songs called “Blackberry Molasses,” which talked about dealing and overcoming hardships and “Lady,” where he sang about having chemistry with a woman that he spotted and trying to get to know her. After the group disbanded, Bobby was signed as a solo artist to Disturbing Tha Peace (DTP) and released his self-titled album ‘Bobby V.’ Bobby’s first single from that album was “Slow Down.” That particular song talked about meeting someone and taking the time to get to know them before rushing into a relationship…who can’t relate to that! With other songs on his album like “Love Dream” and “Turn The Page”, Bobby makes sure that he sends a message to his listeners, both male and female, on the ups and downs of being in a relationship, being in love and having your heart broken.

—— By: Nisha Yvette

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