Drew Sidora: Summer, Dating & Songz ?

Seen on ‘The Game,’ ‘Step Up’ and a number of other film and television related projects actress Drew Sidora recently sat down to chat with Singersroom. While she has been known to portray a number of interesting characters over the years, Sidora lets us in on a few beauty and fashion secrets as well as the rumor about her relationship with a recent first time Grammy nominated R&B artist. See what Drew Sidora has to say below and watch out for her forthcoming debut on Slip N’ Slide Records.

Singersroom: It is summer and everyone is trying to stay cool, fashionable and of course have fun at the beach or on vacation. What is essential for you when it comes down to travel ?

Drew Sidora: I always carry body spray, lotion and antibacterial lotion — just trying to stay healthy with everything that’s going around.

But I also keep lip gloss available because you don’t want to be caught with dry or chapped lips – because that’s not sexy.

Singersroom: Agreed. That is not sexy.

Drew Sidora: And I always carry mascara and a bit of — it’s like stick or pom — moisturizing concealer that you could use in case you’re going to be caught out and you might want to look a little cute. It works for blemishes and is a moisturizer as well, which I absolutely live by. That’s always in my purse. And I always have a Vogue magazine so I can stay on top of what’s going on in the industry as far as fashion.

That’s really it. I’m very low maintenance. I really try not to wear too much make up when unnecessary. Because in the summer you create more moisture on your face so you don’t want to pound make up on because that’s when you get a lot of break outs and things like that.

Singersroom: You mentioned Vogue. Are there any new designers that you are into right now or veteran designers that you keep an eye on ?

Drew Sidora: I’m a fan of Yanna Kay, it’s an Australian line that I rock a lot. Then there’s actually a Chicago designer who styles Amber Rose and Kanye West who is one of my designers and he has a store called Deliciously Vintage and its vintage wear, a lot of things from like the 50s to the 80s. So I’m really into vintage stylings, clothing and couture gowns.

Singersroom: Let’s switch gears for a moment and talk about summer etiquette and dating.

Singersroom: Lets say a guy wants to approach you on the beach, what should he avoid?

Drew Sidora: I don’t like when a guy sends his guy friend over to tell me that he wants to talk to me. I feel like if you want to get to know somebody you walk over and you get to know that person. I feel like you gotta definitely have a backbone and have enough courage to come up and introduce yourself. And I like to laugh. So when you start to take things too seriously, that’s a turn off because life is too short.

Really you’d be surprised, a lot of guys feel like they can’t come and approach a certain woman but we like that. You know women like when a guy is not intimidated or not afraid to come over and be a little funny. We like that because its shows they have a sense of humor and a sense of self.

Singersroom: Now there have been some rumors about your dating life. Are you dating Trey Songz?

Drew Sidora: Trey is a really good friend of mine. I actually did his video “Last Time”. Ever since then we have been really good friends. He’s a very, very talented artist and I definitely look forward to working with him on (my) album as well. Hopefully that will be in the works.

Singersroom: Besides Trey Songz, what R&B male artist is at the top of your list or which would you pick for a friend’s wedding or even your album release party?

Drew Sidora: I love Drake. He’s so refreshing right now. Just with the whole lyrical content and the fact that he’s rapping and singing.

(Too) he’s an actor turned artist. I totally relate to everything he’s going through and his whole journey of just coming from the TV and film world and jumping and diving into music. And he hit it so big. He’s definitely my inspiration right now. I definitely keep Drake on heavy rotation. I’m looking forward to his album.

Singersroom: Cool. Let’s have a quick bit of fun. I’m going to ask you six quick questions, let me know which you would prefer in a potential date:

Singersroom: Bling or Investment Portfolio ?
Drew Sidora: Investment portfolio

Singersroom: Sweat Suit or Blazer ?
Drew Sidora: Man. Sweatsuit. That’s means you’re trying to stay in shape.

Singersroom: R&B male artist or Rapper ?
Drew Sidora: I would say R&B male artist because that means that I could vibe out with that person or be inspired.

Singersroom: Comedian or Focused/Serious Minded ?
Drew Sidora: Comedian. Definitely.

Singersroom: Free spirit or bad boy ?
Drew Sidora: Free spirit.

Singersroom: Emotional or Guarded ?
Drew Sidora: Emotional.

Singersroom: With emotional on the last question, do you think a man who is in touch with his emotions is weak or is it okay?

Drew Sidora: I believe there’s a time and place for everything. I mean, if you’ve ever been in love or if you’ve ever lost someone you love, then you will definitely cry.

Watch out for Drew Sidora’s forthcoming debut album on Slip N’ Slide later this year.

—— By: Njai Joszor


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