Female Empowerment Songs

For centuries, women have been vocalizing their struggles and frustrations through song to not only deal with their own issues but to help inspire other women as well. Singersroom has compiled what we believe to be some of the best songs by women to overcome this thing we call “life.” Whether you are going through an emotional break-up or just need a daily pick me upper, the following songs will definitely give you that sense of female pride.

Song: “Respect”
Artist: Aretha Franklin
Year: 1967
Why It’s Empowering: One of the greatest female empowerment songs of all time, did you know it was originally written from a man’s POV by Otis Redding? It evidently works on the flip side of that coin and when paired with Franklin’s powerful voice, lyrics like “all I’m asking is for a little respect when you come home” are all the more empowering.

Song: “I’m Every Woman”
Artist: Chaka Khan
Year: 1978
Why It’s Empowering: Whether you enjoy Khan’s original version or Whitney Houston’s cover, this song lists what make us women simply great.

Song: “I Will Survive”
Artist: Gloria Gaynor
Year: 1978
Why It’s Empowering: It’s normal to get down after a bad break-up, but one listen to Gaynor singing “just turn around now ’cause you’re not welcome anymore” can lift our spirits and let us know that we are much better off! This song has been used in a number of movies and is Gaynor’s biggest hit.

Song: “Control”
Artist: Janet Jackson
Year: 1986
Why It’s Empowering: Although many believe this song was about her emancipation from her father/manager, Janet Jackson gave many women the much needed encouragement to take control over their lives.

Song: “Expression”
Artist: Salt N Pepa
Year: 1990
Why It’s Empowering: The chorus on this song are words that every woman can live by. “Express yourself, you gotta be you and only you”, sets the tone for one of the greastest female empowerment anthems.

Song: “U.N.I.T.Y.”
Artist: Queen Latifah
Year: 1994
Why It’s Empowering: This song spoke out against the disrespect of women in society, both from without and within. Because of its message, many radio and TV stations would play the song without censoring the words “Bitch” and “Hoes”.

Song: “Independent Women”
Artist: Destiny’s Child
Year: 2000
Why It’s Empowering: From the soundtrack to girl power flick Charlie’s Angels, the song tells women to not depend on a man for whatever they want and just rely on themselves. So if you’re a strong and proud woman whose “clothes”, “car” or the “rock [you’re] rockin'” you’ve bought for yourself, just wave your hands up in the air!

Song: “Video”
Artist: India.Arie
Year: 2001
Why It’s Empowering: India tackles media’s portrayal of women head on in this song. She knows that she and most of us are not your average video girl and combats that mindset with lyrics, “but I learn to love myself unconditionally, because I am a Queen”.

Song: “Just Fine”
Artist: Mary J. Blige
Year: 2007
Why It’s Empowering: When this song came out, little girls and grown women proclaimed to be, “Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine ooooh!” Even if you’re not empowered by this song, one look at the video and you will like what you see when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror.

Song: “Alright”
Artist: Ledisi
Year: 2007
Why It’s Empowering: We all know that life can throw us some curve balls and Ledisi can attest to this. Instead of dwelling on the negative she reasures that, “It’s Alright” and not to give up.

Honorable Mentions:
Lessons Learned by Alicia Keys
It’s Not Right But It’s Okay by Whitney Houston
No Scrubs by TLC
Irreplaceable by Beyonce
Keep On Walking by CeCe Peniston

What are some of your favorite female empowerment songs that we may have missed? —— By: Stephanie Danforth


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