Lyrics We Love But Why (Top 5 Worst Lyrics)

There are some lyrics that you will always remember because they are so meaningful, they become unforgettable. If you were looking for those lyrics here, you won’t find them. I’ve rounded up just FIVE of the corniest, cheesiest R&B songs you will ever come across. These days, I could find more than five, but ultimately, I had to come up with a top five, or we would all be here until Valentine’s Day. If you like these songs, and thought they were the pinnacle of songwriting genius, I feel sorry for you. These songs have FAIL written all over them. Here are their worse lyrics:

#1) JS “Ice Cream“: This song by JS (R. Kelly was behind this “dynamic” duo, go figure) was chock full of disaster lyrics. I literally was torn between several craptastic lyrics.

Here are two that I couldn’t let slide: “Vanilla, strawberries, chocolate, baby boy, it’s on. Now tell me can you picture my body on a cone.” The next one is a doozy: “Tonight you’re gonna have so much fun while tastin’ my love. Tell me do you have a taste for vanilla wafers.” Why didn’t this win a Grammy?

#2) Mariah Carey “Touch My Body“: Oh, Mariah… While this tune was really catchy, she took a huge downgrade game wise when she went for these Rihanna-esque lyrics. Rihanna is young enough for these lyrics to possibly work. Mariah should be on a different level. Needless to say, if you’re sleeping with the kind of guy that would put your stuff on “Youtube”, then you have a serious problem.

Lyrics: “If there’s a camera up in here, then it’s gonna leave with me when I do (I do). If there’s a camera up in here, then I’d best not catch this flick On YouTube (YouTube).”

#3) R. Kelly “Hair Braider“: I have nothing. The lyrics speak for themselves.

Lyrics: “Hairbraider huh I’m doin my hairbraider, and she do my hair so good that I’m gonna tip her. The way she strip for me I gotta tip her.”

#4) Ray J “Sexy Can I“: I would ask why Ray J. put this out, but it worked because everyone was bumping this creepy song. I’m not sure about other women, but I like a man who doesn’t have to ask if he can do this or that. That’s why YOU are the man in the relationship. Suprise me!

Lyrics: “Sexy can I, just pardon my manners.
Girl how you shake it, got a n*gga like (ohhhh)
It’s a kodak moment, let me go and get my camera
All I wanna know is, sexy can I.
Sexy can I, hit it from the front,
then I hit it from the back.
know you like it like that.”

#5) Usher “Love in This Club“: I have seen people try to make “love” in the club, and it’s ugly and disgusting as hell. There is nothing sexy or hot about having sex on a sticky dance floor, with sweaty people dripping sweat on you. Nothing hot at all. I can’t…

Lyrics: “Might as well give me a kiss, if we keep touching like this
I know you’re scared, baby, they don’t know what we’re doing.
Let’s both get undressed right here, keep it up girl, and, I swear.
I’m gonna give it to you non-stop.
And I don’t care, who’s watching.”
—— By: Seattle Slim


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