Valentine’s Day Romance Playlist

Well the New Year is here, and you know what that means. No, not New Years Resolutions. Valentine’s Day is RIGHT around the corner. If you don’t know, V-Day falls on a SATURDAY so you’d better make sure you and your baby are taken cared of. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a nice night at home, a romantic soundtrack with some of the best hits can set the mood. Here are my top 11 most romantic songs for your Valentine’s Day playlist.

1) Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye: Need I say more? Of course not…

2) The Look of Love (Isaac Hayes’ Version): This song is sexy for many reasons. You know that feeling you get right before you’re about to kiss your crush for the first time? Yeah, this is that feeling in a song.

3) My All by Mariah Carey: Mariah refuses to let her man just slip away, thereby swearing to give her all just for one more night. I hear that…

4) Between the Sheets by The Isley Brothers: This song is timelessly romantic. If you know your slow jams, you’ll see why.

5) Come and Talk to Me by Jodeci: I like the remix of this classic joint the best. This song is romantic because he’s pining for this chick from afar and for awhile and all he wants to do is talk to her. I can dig that.

6) Untitled (How Does It Feel) by D’Angelo: You can pretty much guarantee that I, and most other girls, will melt when they think of D’Angelo’s sexy self asking how “it” feels. After seeing that video, I’d say it feels pretty good. Let me stop…

7) Say Yes by Floetry: If you’ve ever gotten into a situation where the man or girl of your dreams is standing there, trying to figure out what to do next, and you’re dying to hear the word “yes” come out of their mouths, then you can see why Floetry hit the jackpot with this song.

8) So Anxious by Ginuwine: This song is the go to soundtrack for the night when you’re on your way to see your baby. This song is a must…

9) One In a Million by Aaliyah: Even though Aaliyah is singing for the angels, her body of work remains classic in its own right. We could fill up this entire list with Aaliyah songs. How can anyone deny the sincerity of “Four Page Letter?”

10) In a Sentimental Mood by John Coltrane: If you ain’t on, then sit down. Get hip to John Coltrane by adding this song to your playlist. It starts off with a simple piano riff and in comes the sax, before you know it, the song picks up tempo, and slows at the end.

11) Samba Pa’ Ti by Carlos Santana: You may wonder why Carlos is on the list, but if you don’t mind a guitar riff that make your heart beat, then check it out.

Agree or disagree with any songs on the list? Want to add more? Leave your thoughts! —— By: Seattle Slim


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