Are You On The Right Kind of Diet?

Okay so we’re well into the New Year. You started out strong with your resolution to make this the year that you finally drop those extra pounds. You’ve been killing yourself at the gym, lifting weights, doing cardio, and those booty-firming squats. You’ve also been eating right by incorporating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet as all nutrition advocates suggest. Finally after all of the hard work, you step on the scale and it says that you’ve lost zero to two pounds in a month. You’re thinking “This can’t be right! I’ve been doing everything that I’m supposed to and I’m still not losing any weight!” Of course, there’s that old theory of “muscle weighs more than fat and you’ve probably gained muscle mass”. That may be true as well but if you’re anything like me, you want to see some kind of results that show you are on the right track.

Have you ever thought that you may not be on the right kind of diet for your particular body type? All diets don’t work for everyone. The weight loss industry has a nasty habit of promoting techniques and products just for pure profit. Some people do the low-carb based diets (Atkins and South Beach) and lose tons of weight, while others don’t experience the same results. There are people who choose the low-fat and calorie-restrictive diets and have little to no success. This is through no fault of your own. There are several different ways to find out which diet is right for you. Some diets are specific to blood type, energy level, and metabolic condition. For example, people with diabetes have a difficult time losing weight mostly because of their metabolism and the way their body processes insulin. No one will tell you this information if you don’t find out for yourself. If you are interested in dieting according to your blood type can provide some very useful information.

Before you start any type of diet and exercise regime, consult first with your doctor, and then talk to a nutrionist who will be able to design a plan that is specific to your body. It also never hurts to engage the expertise of a personal trainer for those who can afford one. Fitness trainer Adrian Bryant provides lots of useful, free diet and exercise techniques at The site even includes video instructions on a variety of exercises and diet plans. The key to being healthy and fit is knowing your body. Always research any diet plan before you start and never consider the thought of giving up! —— By: Tiffany S. Haggerty


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