I Like My Women Like I Like My Cheese…White or Yellow

My homie Flomo usually almost got slapped for saying, “he liked his women like he liked his cheese …white or yellow.” (Keep in mind that Flomo is the darkest dude I have every met in my life.) It seemed to boil the blood of those beautiful chocolate queens that heard these words rumble out his mouth. It’s almost like every Beyonce and Keyshia Cole empowering song rushed to their heads and out their mouths.

I’m a loyal friend but it took no time for me to distance myself from him and his rash comments. But I started to realize he partly did it to strike up controversy and conversation. Well, I can say it always drummed up controversy but I don’t know about the good conversation part.

The first question was usually.

“What’s wrong with black and beautiful women? Are we not good enough for our black men?” (While their eyes rolled damn near behind their necks.)

“That’s what’s happening to all you black men. You are dead, in jail, on the down low, or taken by OTHER women.

He would usually clean his statement up by saying, “I absolutely love my black Nubian princesses but I appreciate the beauty of all women. Black, White, Puerto Rican, Haitian even girls from the Zulu Nation. I’m not going to apologize for loving my exotic Dominican, Trinidadian, Cape Verdean and Brazilian women just to name a few.”

Then he would ask, “Do you feel black women are the only attractive females?” The answer would usually be a slow “No.” Then he would continue to explain that he preferred “exotic women.” The kid was and still is smooth. You couldn’t really argue with him finding beauty in all women or even having a preference for “exotic women,” whatever that meant. But I knew exactly what he meant and I knew him. He only liked light skinned women. The brother was color stroke.

Reggie Bush and Kim KardashianHe’s not the only exotic woman loving guy out there. You hear singers and rappers talking about it all the time. They talk about their trips to exotic islands off the coast of who knows where. It seems we’ve traveled far away from LL Cool J’s “Around the Way Girl” to the Around the World Girls. Snoop and Pharrell thought the women in Brazil were beautiful. Ludacris and Bobby Valentino were all over the world with their ladies. Jay-Z and U.G.K. were big pimpin in Trinidad and Method Man loves his butter pecan Ricans. (I guess Staten Island could be considered an exotic island…lol) They all talked about different places but all touch upon the allure of that pretty young exotic thing. It’s all in their lyrics. Today’s Renaissance man seems to have more options and I think he likes it. Those options have been coming in the shape of the Kim Kardashians (Turkish Armenian, Russian Armenian, Scottish and Dutch) and Angel Lola Luvs (Ethiopian) of the world.

I’m in New York at the Puerto Rican day parade,
then at night I’m in New Orleans drinkin hand grenades.
I’m in Jamaica spendin massive bucks
while the ladies all beggin me to MASH IT UP!
I had sad beginnings when I rapped with no fans
now it’s all happy endings on my lap in Japan.
I used to think that it was way too cold,
til I went to Canada and saw some beautiful hoes
now I hit the Caribana every year in Toronto,
Oh yet and still,
you wouldn’t believe your eyes if you went to Brazil.

– Ludacris & Bobby Valentino “Pimpin all Over the World”

One love to my butter-pecan Ricans for calling me papi
That’s for real
One love to caramel sundaes, with the cherries on top
And big up to my french vanillas
Parlez vous, francais, mi amor, merci, oui oui, bon bons
and all that good stuff
That good stuff

– Method Man “Ice Cream”

People of color have been battling over what is more beautiful. It could be lighter or darker that’s up to you I guess. I think beauty is beauty but that’s neither here nor there. What do you think ladies and gentlemen? Do you think if it ain’t light it ain’t right or do you think the darker the berry the sweeter the juice? Do you like your men or women like you like your cheese… white or yellow? I’ll leave it up to you… the people.

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