Superman That H*

Superman would not fly as high without Lois Lane and Spideman’s web would not hold villains captive with his spidy web as long if he didn’t have Mary Jane. Every “superman” needs a “superwoman.” It’s just the way it is. The reason being is men are just losers without a strong woman. (Yeah, I said it!!!) Statistics say a man will live longer if he is married. (Married to the right woman otherwise it might shorten your life.) Men have to be trained like little puppies or they would piss all over your bathroom seat. It seems men do not reach their full potential until they meet that special mate or maybe it’s just a little easier.

Is it a super dog’s world?

Wonder DogPeople say you can’t teach dogs new tricks. Well, I guess there is some validity to that theory. Or maybe those dogs just don’t want to learn which makes this theory somewhat true. However, every dog can learn if they have an owner that cares and has enough patience to teach him. What I’m basically trying to say is you can turn your “dog” into a superhero. If you see potential in the dog that might end up being your knight in shinning armor with a little work.

So ladies lets start from the beginning when you first meet this guy. SEE HIM FOR WHO HE IS AND BE REAL FROM THE BEGINNGING. Then and only then can you attempt to help him be that better man. But instead it seems men are too often lifted up only to be pulled down. They are introduced as a super hero and time and time again are labeled a dog. This phenomenon is called the “womenal- gravitational pull” which is the natural force of attraction exerted by a female force, such as your girl, wifey (between girl and wife) or wife, which men are placed on the highest pedestal and later thrown off faced to plummet back down to reality.

Ladies what happens from the time you adore your superman until the moment he becomes a low down dirty dog. Does he change? Probably not, you’ve just created unreasonable expectations. You probably want him to possess the following qualities:

John HancockSmart Handsome Beautiful Focused Loyal Fashionable Clean Nice Honest Understanding Tall Outgoing Unselfish Giving Educated Able to cook Athletic Good with money Caring Family oriented Sexually attentive Supportive Stylish Classy Respectful Likes kids Organized Likes my kids (for those baby mommas & baby fathers) Cultured Mannered Willing to learn Attractive Tolerant Responsible

Ladies, no wonder men are always hearing all those I hate my man songs. No person can live up to these expectations. When you first meet your “superhero” you have thought he possessed all of these qualities but he didn’t. He might have had some or if you’re lucky most of them but definitely not all. So maybe it’s not that he changed but your perception of who he really was changed.

But don’t fear ladies there is a way to create your own personal superman.

1. First be honest with yourself. He has weaknesses. Even superman has weaknesses. Kryptonite. Duh.

2. Then you have to find out what his kryptonite is and figure out a way to control it. At the end of the day you are and always have been the superwomen you just have to mold him into the superman.

3. And last but not least be patient. Rome was not built in one day.

Tell us about your superman or superwoman….

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