mySTYLE Celebrity of the Week: Keyshia Cole

Whether she’s “Heaven Sent” or not, R&B fans have fallen in “Love” with Keyshia Cole over the last few years.

Singing songs about love, pain, and experience, Keyshia Cole has been able to relate to our struggles, our pain and the most intimate moments when we’re falling in or out of love.

While Keyshia Cole first broke ground with “The Way It Is,” it was her sophomore album entitled “Just Like You” that solidified the once Tupac affiliated singer as one of R&B music’s leading women.

Originally appearing with somewhat of a rough and tough exterior, Keyshia Cole has blossomed into a beautiful and elegant songbird – one that was ‘electric’ enough to be Luster’s leading lady:

“Keyshia is young, talented, beautiful and has an electric personality,” says Jory Luster of the cosmetics giant.

A bourgeoning icon, Cole has even been admired by AskMen, a website dedicated to covering today’s top female stars among other topics such as health and fashion. When rated earlier this year, Cole was noted for her beautiful brown skin, mesmerizing dark eyes, and full pouty lips – a look the online magazine calls an ‘overall thug-princess-look’.

“Thug-Princess” or not Keyshia Cole has becoming a shining beauty inside and out as evidenced on her new album “A Different Me.”

Released in December of 2008, “A Different Me” is according to Cole, a chance to open about her new life and growth as a young woman.

“It’s a different me this time: a young woman who’s still growing and finding myself, exploring life through different routes musically and in other areas. I wrote more about other people’s situations than my own [before]. I’m moving forward.”

If the Grammy-nominated album “Just Like You” is the starting point, then it appears that “A Different Me” is just a stop on Keyshia Cole’s journey — a journey that fans will happily stay seated on for years to come. —— By: Njai Joszor


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