Vote or Die: For Real!

Perhaps “Vote or Die” was nothing more than a fashionable T-shirt but now the words have become reality. Four years after Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs branded the slogan to influence young adults to vote, the slogan is dormant but the words are more accurate than ever. The motto has become intertwined in our everyday life because American soldiers are dying in battle, working class people are losing homes and commodities are increasing at rapid prices. Voting plays into all of Today’s problems because we hire our countries “leaders” through ballots and elections. These chosen bureaucrats make key decision effecting how we live our lives.

Sometimes it seems like your vote is lost when decisions (laws/bills) are passed that you disagree on but it’s not a viable reason to stop. It will only lead to putting your life on the line with somebody else’s hand on the trigger. Voting gives each individual the power to make decisions about how the government will affect their life. When you take part in elections and back a candidate you believe in, you know that the candidate will convey the positions you have. The issues you care about such as college loans, childcare, healthcare; can only be addressed to your behalf when you take part in the election process. It is obvious we have flaws in our election process but each does count and things do “change.”

Remember, pointing the finger at an elected official is easy but remember we put them in office. If you don’t participate in the process then you’re also to blame for the choice. Help save a soldier’s life and Vote. If Diddy does not make you want to vote, hopefully death will. —— By: Adeniyi Omisore


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