Khia: Reality TV Rulebook

If you’ve ever thought about getting your “fame right” by jumping on the reality show bandwagon, you should take some advice from your “thug” godmother Khia. Don’t say she never did anything for you.

During a recent interview, I had a chance to ask her what she learned from being on Vh1’s/Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme. She shares her top ten do’s and don’ts of being on a reality TV show, and even uses some examples. Of course, she doesn’t mention any names, but you don’t have to brandish your Rocket Science degree to guess who she’s referring to.

1) Have a plan, cause you’re on TV.

2) Take enough clothes! Because those heffas [from Vh1’s/Ego Trip’s Miss Rap Supreme] was switchin’ clothes. They didn’t have enough nothin’, they was so raggedy.

3) Make sure you have weave that’s on tap because you can’t go nowhere once you get in the house.

4) Do make sure everything is straight at home. It was a lot of problems with that [on the show].

5) Do a background check on everybody that’s gonna be in the house. When I found out that [MC] Serch and Yo-Yo were gonna be hosting, like I wanted to know what were they about. Before I roast somebody I know. Before I [roasted] Trina, I got her CD and was like, “Okay! This…” Have your facts together. Don’t let people get you on TV and have all this dirt on you and you don’t have nothin’ on them. So, come on! Find out what you’re getting yourself into.

6) Don’t go on TV trying to get famous.

7) Do not go on TV having sex with Flava Flav!

8) Don’t go on TV getting drunk as hell… Passing all out; falling all down.

9) Don’t go on TV with that stank breath! You know your teeth is raggedy and the camera’s [are going to] bring them teeth up to the front and center.

10) Don’t come out the closet on TV. You ain’t got to let the world see you acting like a donkey on TV.

There you have it! —— By: Seattle Slim


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