Wingman 101

One night at the club, I was talking to a sexy young lady. The conversation was going well and we were both having a good time. After a few minutes I noticed the young lady’s friend standing a few feet away. She had a frown on her face, and kept looking at her watch. She was waiting on her girl to finish talking to me, so they could leave. The friend had her arms crossed and a look of displeasure on her face.

A couple minutes later, my conversation was winding down. I was about to exchange numbers with the young lady. The friend’s patience must have ran out, because she took a step our way. I began to panic, but before she could take a second step, she was approached with a friendly hello. My wingman had come to the rescue.

Everyone needs a wingman. It’s their job to sacrifice their time, so a friend can talk to the woman of their preference. By occupying the woman’s friend with meaningless conversation, the wingman allows his friend to successfully talk to the woman of his preference uninterrupted.

A good wingman can simply be described as a soldier on the battlefield. A soldier that would throw himself on a live grenade to save everyone else in the platoon. Who wouldn’t want someone like that on his or her side?

Women can be wingmen too. Unfortunately from the male’s perspective, they’re usually referred to as the hater of the group. But to her friends, she is simply known as a good wingman. It’s her job to successfully defend off the numerous amounts of guys that try to approach her friends and disrupt “girls night out.”

That same night at the club, I noticed a girl partying with a group of her friends. Throughout the night I witnessed this girl preventing her drunk friends from disappearing into VIP, speaking for the group and turning down invitations to all of the “official” after parties, and at the at the end of the night, she held three of her friend’s hair back while they threw up on the street. That girl has to be a nominated for the Wingman of the Year award.

These days a wingman is as necessary as a cell phone. But unlike modern technology, a wingman is hard to come by. It’s a tough job; so let your wingman know they’re appreciated. Make sure to tell them, “My night wouldn’t have been as enjoyable without your help.”

Now if you’ve looked around and can’t find a good wingman, you can always be a good wingman. The job is a reward in itself. And if you believe in karma, the sacrifices you make will come back to your benefit. —— By: Michael Abdul-Qawi


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