Finesse Mitchell: Ready to Finesse the world

Finesse Mitchell, is young talented entertainer who is not afraid of hard work in order to claim his place among industry titans. This sensational author, columnist, comedian, and actor extraordinaire is well on his way to becoming a household name. Most celebrities find it hard to remain humble after garnering success; Finesse claims this is essential to him being prosperous. Although we enjoyed his comedic genius on ‘Saturday Night Live’ he has now moved on to the big screen. This newcomer is prepared to finesse the world with his extraordinary performance ability. Recently I was fortunate enough to have him take time out of his hectic schedule for an interview.

International Rell: How long have you been doing comedy?

Finesse: Since college

International Rell: What made you get into your profession?

Finesse: I loved performing since my football days, and as I neared the end of that career, I looked for another outlet for my passion of performance. I wanted to rap, but my raps weren’t good. (laughs) So I moved on to comedy which seemed to be my niche.

International Rell: What prepared you for your career?

Finesse: Playing football at the University of Miami and performing at step shows with my fraternity brothers helped me become able to put on a show, which is essential.

International Rell: How did you get your start?

Finesse: My first performance ever was at the Miami Improv. I killed that show and [I] knew it was meant to be afterwards. I went back a second time and got Apollo boo’s. That encouraged me to go back because I raised the bar so high for myself based on my first performance.

International Rell: Who are your influences?

Finesse: People like Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy, The entire ‘In Living Color Show’, and many more.

International Rell: You wear so many hats, one of which is being a columnist for Essence Magazine. Can you tell us a little about your column.

Finesse: The column is called ‘Oh Brother!’ It’s a relationship advice column for women, from a black man’s perspective. I try my best to give feedback that will be positive to each situation. If anyone is interested in obtaining some solid straight forward advice please email me at

International Rell: So you have the new book “Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much.” What gave you the concept for the book?

Finesse: The idea actually sparked from the Essence column. I saw a great need for relationship advice and decided to write a book.

International Rell: What tone can we expect from the book knowing about you doing comedy?

Finesse: The book is actually very serious. It does have several different feels to it including being humorous, but it is also very sensible and knowledgeable.

International Rell: Can we expect any other books in the future?

Finesse: Definitely. I’m actually working on another one now.

International Rell: What other projects are currently in the works for you?

Finesse: I’m in a film called ‘Mad Money’ coming to theaters January 18, 2008 with Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah, and Diane Keaton. That’s a great movie and people should really check that out. I’m also working on a cartoon right now, and another stand up comedy show. Writing songs is also something I look forward to doing in the future. I love writing and creating.

International Rell: Every time I do an interview I ask what is the best job/ worst job that you’ve ever had?

Finesse: The best had to be Saturday Night Live. I have two for worst jobs. One was being an extra on a dance show similar to ‘Soul Train.’ The other was being on a cooking show. I did the cooking show then following the show I had to wash ALL the dishes. Do you know what dishes look like after a cooking show? There were dirty dishes everywhere, but I was humble. I stayed until every dish was clean. Anything dealing with entertainment I was in.

International Rell: If there is any advice that you would give to people trying to make it in the forever shifting business what would it be?

Finesse: Humble yourself and learn the business. Don’t say “your not going to get somebody’s coffee.” Learn the business. You have to start from the bottom to get to the top. —— By: International Rell


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