Hip Hop Pick-Up Lines

Hip Hop and R&B have been using pick up lines for as long as we can remember. While these lyrical lines can be very entertaining and funny, some of them are getting out of hand. These lines are some how provoking lames every where to feel they have a chance. Unfortunately for them, they are falling victim to the hip hop pick up line.

Many “unorginators” also know as biters are plaguing the streets and clubs fully equip with your favorite artists lines. Just in case any of you imitation stars read this you are not Jay-Z, Usher, Diddy, or any other celebrity for that matter. “Excuse me miss” is so old you have to use it in elderly homes. Please be creative stop listening to T-Pain hoping she’ll buy you a drank. Attempt something as freighting as doing your own thing, you never know it just may work.

So for all you dare devils out there good luck. Let me know how it works, if it doesn’t just say “Shawty you the Sh**” and hope she didn’t read this. LOL

Lines You Should Never Use

“What’s ya name what’s ya sign….”
Notorious B.I.G – Big Poppa

“Bet ya man can’t do it like that…..”
Fat Joe – Bet Ya Man Can’t

“Back seat of my jeep lets swing an episode.”
LL COOL J – Back Seat

“Excuse me miss I’m the sh*t you should come hang with me.”
Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss

“Shawty you the sh*t.”
The Dream – Shawty Is a 10

“Wait till you see my oh!”
Ying Yang Twins – Wait (the Whisper Song)

“You don’t need no ring to be my wife.”
Method Man – All That I Need
—— By: International Rell


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