The Media Rules

‘Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Driving Drunk with Traces of Cocaine Found in Her Bloodstream.’

‘Lil’ Wayne Arrested for Possession of Marijuana and an Illegal Weapon.’

‘Lil’ Kim Involved with Deadly Hot 97 Studio Shooting.’

‘Paris Hilton to Serve Time for a DUI.’

Such headlines have plagued gossip magazines, fashion magazines, daily newspapers, breaking news coverage reports, talk shows, and, not to mention, the tongues of adolescents, adults, and elderly alike. Seems like lately, Hollywood has been ruling our lives; we look to celebrities for new trends, hairstyles, cars, and, as much as we may deny it, inspiration. But are “super-stars” such as Lindsay Lohan, Lil’ Kim, Eminem, etc. really a perfect source for inspiration, especially for the younger generation?

We cannot escape entertainment in any form. It is all around us: on our iPods, on the television, in every periodical, on every advertisement, everywhere. We are so amazed when we see Beyonce wearing an Armani Prive dress at the Oscars; however, do we stop and think that we are the ones who put that dress on her back and sent her on vacation to the South of France?

Now, I admit I have fallen victim to the addicting world of celebrity gossip; ‘In Touch’ weekly fed my desire to be “in the know.” However, lately I’ve become quite disgusted by what is going on in our world. It’s disturbing to know that innocent people, amongst them, American soldiers, are dying in Iraq but the main headline on CNN news is, “Lindsay Lohan Back in Rehab.” When did the whole world become concerned with which celebrity is taking what drug? Is the entertainment industry setting a good example for our present and future generations? Obviously the answer is no.

The topic has been beaten to death by concerned parents, schools, even politicians; truth be told there isn’t much we can do but confront the issue as a problem and stop shedding light on problem celebrities. A role model is defined as someone who is capable and qualified as being an exemplification of good. When I hear reports that Lil’ Wayne was caught flushing marijuana down the toilet at a New York hotspot, I don’t classify the label “role model” under him. It’s disheartening to hear fourteen year old boys reciting lyrics to Weezy’s, “Sky is the Limit” and smoking/drinking in the park. Now I know that we can’t blame everything on these celebrities, but since they are in the spotlight, everything they say, do, wear, is put under a microscope and studied by youth. So this comes to prove that entertainers shouldn’t be celebrities or the role model’s for future youth. —— By: Anna Dabrowska


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