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Reality TV has become a hit. You cannot turn the channel without looking at a ?wanna be? celebrity or washed up icon. The music industry has jumped into bed with reality TV to attempt to make the next superstars. Shows like Making the Band known as the ?Diddy show? and American Idol have kept viewers glued to the box. These shows play on the dreams of young artist who believe that they are meant to be the new diva or icon. For most contestants it is the only chance for them to be seen on TV, even if it is only in the bloopers. We watch these artists go through trials and tribulations. The laughter, crying, smiles, prayers are felt in the homes of millions.

American IdolEvery year thousands of albums are made for the mainstream commercial market. However, only a handful of artists are accepted by the public as superstars. Reality TV has been able to open the door for some truly talented artists such as Fantasia, Rubben Studdard and Kelly Clarkson. Despite the abundance of talent we still can find ?artist? such as William Hun. TV shows have been trying to make us buy into the hype. The public can see through the fog of lighting effects, featured celebrities, drama, and fights. We know true stars when we see them.

Reality TV is great for the future of music because the public gets an adept look at the inner workings of this crazy industry. And the process is funny because it is relatable. Even if we hate the contestants, our eyes are glued week after week, hoping that they will mess up and get voted off. So, to all you TV execs, don?t try to make a band and think that we will support them because they were on TV; make a band that has true talent because we can tell the difference, the cameras were rolling?remember? —— By: Adeniyi Omisore


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