Memory Lane

Music, like no other art form, has the power to bring us back in time; it is a time machine. So many stories are started because you are relaxing with friends and hear a song; as soon as you hear that song you utter “remember when?” Gotcha! Now you are telling a story going down memory lane, laughing about “Grandma’s cookout last summer.” Every time you hear that song it will remind you of that experience. That song equals a date, time and place for you. I know every time I hear Next’s “Too Close” it brings me back to high school house parties. It wasn’t that long ago but it’s a good memory.

A song creates a defining moment, that’s why people have wedding songs, fight music, and birthday songs, because they bring you back in time to enjoy that experience again. If you put together a playlist of songs you will create a soundtrack of your life that will have you reliving house parties, romantic evening, and subway rides everyday under the sun.

What song brings you back to your favorite past time? That’s a tough question, but think about it the next time you turn on a record or throw a party how that song will be a time vessel for you back to memory lane. —— By: Adeniyi Omisore


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