31 12, 2018

Yasmeen – “One More Drink”

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Recently hitting 1 million streams on Spotify, Yasmeen is proving she's a stable force in the R&B world. Recently blessing us with "Made to Win," the singer and songwriter return with the new single "One More Drink," a catchy anthem for women everywhere. Yasmeen relates to her audience, with a subject we all know too well. Everyone has drunk dialed [More]

14 12, 2018

New Music: Yasmeen – ‘Made to Win’

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Yasmeen is a Singersroom favorite as we've showcased her previous singles that have been catching huge waves on Spotify. Her prior release, "Half of Me," is almost at 1 million streams, so it's no surprise she felt it was time to drop, "Made to Win." The acoustic ballad puts focus on her vocal range, and like before, she delivers. Yasmeen [More]

10 02, 2018

Yasmeen Strips Down On Acoustic Version of “Half of Me”

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Yasmeen gets consciously naked on the acoustic version of the soul vibrating single, "Half of Me." The single is a reflection of the first time the singer met her ex's new girlfriend. Yasmeen's music has always been very forthcoming. She does not shy away from her past but instead confronts her heartbreak musically. "You really think you won't remember me [More]

11 07, 2017

Yasmeen Gives Us Another Anthem With ‘Half of Me’

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"Half of Me" is a single more urban driven and falls within R&B, using some trap undertones. It's a personal song, written about a failed relationship as she compares herself to her ex's new girl -- many of us can relate.

18 07, 2016

Singer Yasmeen Reminds Us It’s OK To Be ‘Selfish’

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American-born, Middle Eastern heritage singer Yasmeen is "Selfish," and not afraid to admit it. It all stemmed from giving so much of herself in a four-year relationship, and finding solace in a vocal booth after it came to a bitter end.