Singer Yasmeen Reminds Us It’s OK To Be ‘Selfish’

Sometimes it’s OK to be a little selfish.

Yasmeen is “Selfish,” and not afraid to admit it. It all stemmed from giving so much of herself in a four-year relationship, and finding solace in a vocal booth after it came to a bitter end.

The 25-year-old explains, “Selfish was born out of desperation… a desperation in which I realized I do not have a Plan B, nor do I want one. I had to be Selfish… SELFISH with my time, my energy, and most importantly Selfish with my heart. I had to be selfish in every aspect of my life to protect my dreams and that’s what this song represents. I do not want to look back on life with regret or what ifs …so for me it is now or never.”

The video features Yasmeen as she passionately emotes the song in a theater while a contemporary dancer brings the emotions of the song out through dance.

Yasmeen is currently finalizing mixes on her debut LP Selfish to be released later this year.  She has hit the stage all over the world including tours in London and Dubai, sharing the stage with some of today’s biggest stars including Miguel, Solange Knowles, Omarion and Jordin Sparks.