Yasmeen – My Way

They say time heals all wounds, but is that always the case?

Following up on the success of “Selfish,” Phoenix-based singer-songwriter Yasmeen drops an uptempo offering called  “My Way.” The single features EDM producer Moody, and is produced by himself and Distant Cousins. Yasmeen lends her pen with this single, assisting in songwriting with Rashied Arekat for a song about being unable to get over an ex.

“I know typically you are supposed to be happy for your ex when they move on and find someone new…That part hasn’t kicked in for me yet. 2 years and counting,” Yasmeen said.

Listen below:

Starting this fall, find Yasmeen on the road playing at various festivals and clubs throughout the country. Grammy-winning superstar Ne-Yo has also proven to be a fan, posting a video of Yasmeen to his Facebook page garnering over 500k views.