Yasmeen Strips Down On Acoustic Version of “Half of Me”

Yasmeen gets consciously naked on the acoustic version of the soul vibrating single, “Half of Me.” The single is a reflection of the first time the singer met her ex’s new girlfriend.

Yasmeen’s music has always been very forthcoming. She does not shy away from her past but instead confronts her heartbreak musically.

“You really think you won’t remember me because she came around, we both know she was your second choice,” she sings. “If I’m going down in flames, I’ll make sure you’re coming with me. She ain’t even half of me.”

Yasmeen wants men to really listen to ‘Half of Me.’ She wrote on IG, “…fellas, don’t be scared to roll your windows down to this one.”

Listen to the Distant Cousins-produced track below.