17 04, 2017

Producer SM and UK Crooner Jordan King Release Nostalgic Banger ‘Lady” ft. Monique Lawz

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"Lady" carries forward SM’s signature sound with production elements reminiscent of 90s R&B. The lyrics paint a classic R&B love story, covering the canvas with the smooth vocals of King and Lawrence which ultimately bring the story to life.

14 02, 2017

[Video Premiere] Jordan King – How To Love

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Today, King premieres the video for "How To Love," a heartfelt track produced as a result of one of Kings’ personal love experiences. Having loved and lost, the song tells a story of regret, denial and the profession of true love.

7 11, 2016

[PREMIERE] R&B Artist Jordan King Releases Music Video For Single, ‘Be The Man,’ Ft. Jords

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In the clip, J gets his beautiful co-star hot and ready over the phone before sliding to her crib with some bubbly for an intimate session. And yes, looks like homegirl deaded her guy to partake in the romping session.

20 10, 2016

UK R&B Artist Jordan King Drops Highly Anticipated EP, ‘The Night Shift’

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The 5-track EP has a running theme of intimacy, found both in the music, the subjects, and the title itself. If you appreciate the melodies and sensibilities of the 90s R&B sound, you'll enjoy this...

23 08, 2016

U&K R&B Newcomer Jordan King Makes An Entrance Onto The Music Scene With New Track, ‘P.W.I’

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Jordan King is an R&B artist from the United Kingdom, who just released the first track "PWI (Play With It)" from his forthcoming EP, The Night Shift. The first 15 seconds of the track are hypnotizing...