[PREMIERE] R&B Artist Jordan King Releases Music Video For Single, ‘Be The Man,’ Ft. Jords

British R&B singer Jordan King premieres the music video for ‘Be The Man,’ a single from his newly released EP, The Night Shift. In the clip, J gets his beautiful co-star hot and ready over the phone before sliding to her crib with some bubbly for an intimate session. And yes, looks like homegirl deaded her guy to partake in the romping session.

“Originally, the team and I had many ideas for the video to B.T.M, some of them VERY extravagant,” Jordan told us. “The aim was to make this video sexy, suggestive but tasteful while capturing the visual motifs prominent in the golden era of 90’s R&B. The video was filmed on location between London and Manchester and features my long term friend and artist Mica Jazelle, who acts as my love interest.”

“‘Be The Man (B.T.M)” is a nostalgic and sensual record and Jordan delivers effortlessly with his smooth vocals.

“As with the rest of the EP, ‘Be The Man (B.T.M)’ came about very organically,” he said. “SM (producer) came into the studio with a skeleton of the beat, and I clicked with it instantly. It gave me that old school 90’s feel but with a fresh twist. Generally, when I write a song, I don’t have a set topic in mind. I don’t use paper, so I just walk around the studio freestyling until something sticks; usually with my eyes closed (Not the smartest idea I’ve ever had lol).”

He continues, “This track was a bit different; With B.T.M, I knew from the jump I wanted it to be sexy, smooth and suggestive and from the response it has had so far, I guess we achieved that.”

Jordan’s 5-track EP, ‘The Night Shift,’ has a running theme of intimacy, found both in the music, the subjects, and the title itself.

Check out the project HERE.

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