U&K R&B Newcomer Jordan King Makes An Entrance Onto The Music Scene With New Track, ‘P.W.I’

Jordan King is an R&B  artist from the United Kingdom, who just released the first track “PWI (Play With It)” from his forthcoming EP, The Night Shift.

The R7-produced track is a “cheeky, flirtatious, no filter and no-nonsense track” geared more towards the ladies, which sets the groundwork for his forthcoming EP.

The first 15 seconds of the track are hypnotizing; you find yourself nodding along as the chords progress.

King began developing his sound in his early teens and has been writing and producing music ever since. King stated, “I love it when things come about organically and that’s exactly what happened with “PWI”; Just catching a vibe in the studio lead to the creation of an EP. I can’t wait for it to drop!”